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End of the Year Grab-Bag

December 28, 2010

It’s been a trying couple of days. After many months of my complaining about my camera and threatening to replace it, it stopped working. Appreciation really settles in the moment you don’t have something. That’s been the lesson of this whole year, actually. While I’ve seen a lot of lovely things here, I’ve also come to appreciate so much about my home country and state. Like the weather. And Pillsbury croissant dough.

As it turns out, though, the camera problem was mainly to do with the very-out-of date XD memory card, and after trying a bunch of other things, I used a trick you might remember from the NES days. I took out the card, blew on it, and wiped it lightly with my sleeve, and popped it back in. And like magic, it was up and running again.

Still, I’m taking this incident, and a few other quirks the camera has recently developed, as a sign that this old machine is on its way out. It’s had a good life. For one thing, it has survived 2 outdoor shows in Berkeley, one of which left an ugly mark on the view screen. It’s been at Cloyne, although I was probably scared to bring it to any actual Cloyne parties. It’s traveled across the Atlantic and now, it’s being talked about on the internet. So, in tribute to my soon-to-be replaced friend, here are some of its many gifts over the last year, food-related and not.

This the last dinner in our Oakland apartment. As you can see, the kitchen table had already gone to my brother-in-law.

Double Rainbow, all the way. This is near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Back in England, this is apparently what babies eat.

And this is what they dream of afterwards.

I really want someone to make a webcomic featuring these guys as characters:

Their snow-necklaces are the product of an unexpected storm that nearly trapped us in London for a night.

The cure for unfortunate trips to London:

And, finally, this doesn’t look like much, but it’s the first picture I took to see if my camera was working again, and I will treasure it always.

Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!

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